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from 3.5 p / sms

  • 89% of people read sms ads in the first minute after receiving
  • Contact with the customer via SMS is several times cheaper than contact via other channels
  • 20% + of promotional codes and discounts sent by KomTek are activated


A keyword is an easy way for customers to interact with your brand.

Long Codes

Receive instant replies from your customers. Add your own auto-reply message.


Build a List

Easily segment your data with unlimited groups.

User Guide

We have a full user guide online to get you started immediately.

Bulk SMS Marketing Online Portal

Manage your bulk SMS marketing campaigns online. Create campaigns, schedule for month, date, time. Send thousands of messages with guaranteed delivery.


Provides a quick overview of how your campaigns are doing.


Highly effective marketing with segmented groups. Split your customer list into different groups and send them exactly the right message based on their individual interests.


Manage your messages and create new ones. Track the effectiveness of each campaign.

SMS Campaign

Create engaging campaigns using SMS and app notifications. Target customers using a wide range of options.

Voice Campaign

Comprehensive text-to-speech functionality. Upload your files and deliver voice messages to your target customers.

Online Text Sending

Easily send text messages, mailmerge, schedule & attach tickets, documents & forms.

Receive Text Messages

Get replies to your text messages, or receive messages straight from your customers.

Email to SMS

Use your preferred email software to easily & reliably send text messages to anyone.


Our simple API allows software and web developers to integrate any application.


Competitors Price Comparison Table for UK

Provider Price We save you Free reply number Free keyword
ProviderKomTek Price3.5 p We save you38 % Free reply numberYes Free keywordYes
Provider2 SMS Price8 p We save you62 % Free reply numberNo Free keywordNo
ProviderAQL Price8 p We save you62 % Free reply numberNo Free keywordNo
ProviderBoom SMS Price8 p We save you62 % Free reply numberNo Free keywordNo
ProviderBulk SMS Price5.54 p We save you43 % Free reply numberYes Free keywordNo
ProviderClickatell Price8.4 p We save you64 % Free reply numberYes Free keywordNo
ProviderMediaburst Price5 p We save you40 % Free reply numberNo Free keywordYes
ProviderText Anywhere Price6.4 p We save you53 % Free reply numberYes Free keywordNo
ProviderTextLocal Price4.9 p We save you39 % Free reply numberNo Free keywordYes
ProviderText Magic Price4.8 p We save you37 % Free reply numberYes Free keywordNo


International Rates (ex. VAT)

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Cost per SMS: 0 p

Don’t just take our word for how good we are

  • Umar Ahmed

    We looked at several other VOIP solutions and KomTek always came out on top.
    Very easy process to get signed up! Faultless call quality, array of call features and value for money calling bundle.

  • Michael Hughes

    Second-to-none level of support – always answering the phone, and explained solutions in a no-nonsense fashion. So far the best solution we have encountered!

  • Jenifer Gibson

    Operating the business from home and also being the only staff things can get challenging especially when I have to leave the office un-attended. KomTek resolved this issue with their softphone app, so now my customers can reach me on my mobile app at no further costs

  • Charles Buckley

    We increased our outbound calling records by more than double through their click to dial feature. Technical issues are resolved swiftly, can’t be happier.

  • Shamim Ahmed

    We were having issues with BT and integration with our online cab management system. Thanks to KomTek technical expertise these were quickly resolved. I have been with them for four years and have been recommending them since.

  • Mike Coker

    We have made many changes to our PBX system, adding users, changing our dial plans and voicemails. We have always found KomTek Support to be efficient and eager to deal with all our changes.

  • Kevin Dyer

    Due to our expansion we have had to move offices a few times, luckily being on cloud meant we are not restricted to the BT exchange and have always managed to take our number with us. KomTek ensured there is no downtime, I am very impressed with their project management skills.

  • Nicholas Cheshire

    I was apprehensive about using a VoIP system, I called KomTek and found the gentleman amazingly refreshing! He explained everything from start to finish and help me to set up the whole system to get my business working. The tech guys are also fantastic.

  • Usman Ahmed

    We operate from multiple offices, when customers were calling in, it was often a problem transferring calls between the offices. KomTek VoIP system resolved this by bringing in all the handset under one cloud solution. This made transferring calls seamless.

  • Zairab Zabeer

    We have been using KomTek PBX systems for 4 years. Growing from 2 partners to now over 34. We run a multiple office operations, transferring calls between sites as well as having the one receptionist managing all our incoming calls. Our Account Managers regularly travelling from London, a rare service in this industry. Highly recommended.

  • Liz Ejemole

    We really don’t understand IT or VoIP, but our Account Manager is very patient and has resolved many issues often not related to KomTek PBX. Nonetheless he has always supported us, God bless!

  • Chris Clancey

    I knew very little about KomTek apart from their website, but from my calculations of looking at our current bills etc, I saw that they were definitely one of the cheapest I could find. We picked the best product for our needs and ended up saving ourselves anywhere between £70-100/month.

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