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What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a convenient, affordable means for businesses and individuals to use the internet to conduct telephone calls, and represents a more cost-effective alternative to traditional PSTN.

What is PBXware?


Incorporating a range of traditional telephony and modern VoIP technologies, PBXware is a scalable solution that enables enhanced management of business telecommunications. From routing and voicemail, to auto attendants and conferencing, PBXware can offer advanced features in a single package, saving you money on multiple systems.


What is DID?

Direct Inward Dialling is a feature used with PBX systems and sees a telephone company allocate a range of numbers associated with one or more phone lines. DID enables businesses to assign a personal number to each employee, without requiring a separate phone line for each.

What are SIP Phones?

IP phones are used for VoIP calls and are available in two types: hardphone (resembling a common telephone) and softphone (a computer software phone).

What is Business SIP Trunking

Business SIP trunking is a service that enables your company to operate a selection of telecommunications systems over your IP network, and offers a number of benefits. From cheaper international call costs to improved business flexibility, a Disaster Recover strategy to give access to an increased quantity of numbers, business SIP trunking from KomTek World can enhance the way your business stays connected.