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KomTek World is a global


service provider

Why Choose Us

99.9% Uptime

High Quality

Reliable UK

30 Day
Money Back

Our call, anytime,

We will be there when you need us

Our global service available to you no matter where you are.No distance can stop us to provide you the help you need.

Fully Featured Packages

KT Live Switch Platform


You can start using it now

Setting up a VoIP account is as easy as pie. Just type in a few basic details and we’ll set you up automatically on our online portal.

It’s not expensive

Ready to begin? An internet phone service won’t break the bank. Much of the VoIP features are free, add a couple of extensions,

On-network calls are free

If you have multiple users on the same account, calls between extensions are free, wherever they are in the world.

Ultimate freedom

An internet phone service offers total flexibility and puts you in charge of adding or removing features at any time.

Calls can be recorded

Many industries face compliance constraints, and if you work in finance or healthcare, you might have to keep a record of your calls.

The sky’s the limit

Our API is a way to build call functionality and data into other applications.

You can use
multiple numbers

Want an 0800, a geographic and a non-geo number? No problem.

It behaves like a regular
phone system

You will be pleased to know that an IP PBX does all of the same things that a traditional phone system does, without all the maintenance and installation costs.

Any device can
be a phone

Prefer not to use a smartphone? Don’t worry: use a softphone on your laptop, desktop or tablet instead, most of which are also freely available.

You can use your
smartphone to get started

Many VoIP users use their existing smartphones when they first start out.

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